The Science Behind PDO Thread Lifts

The Science Behind PDO Thread Lifts

A thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that can create the same effect as a surgical facelift. So if you’re tired of loose, sagging skin but cannot afford the price that accompanies a surgical facelift, then a PDO thread lift is the revolutionary alternative. This blog aims to be your all-you-need-to-know guide to PDO thread lifts and the science behind what makes them work just as well as a surgical facelift. 

PDO thread lifts are becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages thanks to the recent celebrity endorsement the procedure has received. So whether you’re looking to tighten loose skin or achieve the youthful fox look popularised by models such as Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid, the PDO thread lift can help you transform your face to create a lifted, tighter complexion. 

What is a PDO thread lift? 

A thread lift uses dissolvable polydioxanone threads (PDO) to tighten and lift the skin. It is a non-invasive alternative to a facelift. In fact, if you’re looking to improve your overall complexion as well as tighten the skin, then PDO thread lifts may be better than a surgical facelift due to their rejuvenating and restoring benefits. PDO threads have been used since the 1980s, and they’re made from a clear polyester that breaks down in the body after approximately six months. PDO thread lifts have a rejuvenating quality as the presence of these threads under your skin triggers cell production in your body called fibrosis – this then produces more collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin a tighter, firm look. Unfortunately, our skin sags with age as our bodies produce less collagen as we get older; even as we hit our 20s, the skin starts to produce 1% less collagen! Hence, looking after your skin even at a young age is important. 

So not only do PDO thread lifts physically lift and tighten the skin, they trigger the production of collagen and elastin, which ultimately keeps the skin firmer and younger for continuing results. Lacking in collagen and elastin is what ultimately would have led most patients to want to receive a lift. Since collagen is a healing response from the body, it has additional benefits of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes in the areas – making this treatment an overachiever for the perfect complexion! 

What’s the science behind the procedure?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you’ll expect during your procedure:

  • First, you and your practitioner identify areas of loose skin and mark out which areas need lifting.
  • You will receive a local anaesthetic so that the rest of the procedure remains painless.
  • Your practitioner will insert the PDO threads under the skin using a cannula. These threads are super fine and are either curved or straight.
  • The threads also come in various lengths to help your clinician achieve the desired look you are after, lifting the skin into a tightened position. 
  • The threads are trimmed to ensure they remain invisible, and the procedure is over. 

A PDO thread lift procedure only lasts around 30-45 minutes; however, this will vary client-to-client depending on how many threads are needed and where they are inserted on the body. With this treatment, you’ll be glad to know there’s no downtime meaning you can resume your usual activities immediately! You may experience slight swelling and bruising, but this should only last a couple of days. 

Once the procedure is complete, you will see immediate results and thanks to the restorative benefits of the PDO threads. You will continue to see results for weeks to come as more collagen is produced and the skin becomes restored to its former youthful appearance. Collagen is produced as a part of your body’s natural healing process. The body reacts to the PDO threads as though it were an injury that needs to be cured – don’t worry, it’s completely normal and safe. It’s just the body’s natural response to a foreign object under the skin. 

How long will the results last? 

The PDO threads are in place for 6-12 months before they hydrolase – the rate at which they dissolve depends upon the patient’s age, skin metabolism and lifestyle. Once the threads break down, the body continues to produce collagen through its own healing process! Meaning this non-surgical procedure is long-lasting, and if desired, the procedure can be repeated when necessary! 

PDO Thread Lifts at Aesthetics of Liverpool

Whilst most salons may offer regular PDO thread lifts, we at Aesthetics of Liverpool want to provide our clients with the most up to date and efficient treatments on the current market. That is why we offer MINT PDO thread lifts to our clients. MINT PDO thread lifts work slightly differently from regular PDO threads. The smooth surface of the PDO threads is replaced with arrow-like barbs in a helical pattern on the thread’s surface. These barbs increase the surface area of the threads, allowing each one to connect with more of the skin in the dermis. With more contact, the barbed threads can achieve more lift, repositioning the layer of fat under the skin so that the skin does not appear loose. Therefore, a tighter look can be achieved. 

Furthermore, these threads come in varying sizes and thicknesses, meaning that we can target any areas around the face and neck. 

If you are interested in learning more about PDO thread lifts, or if you want to book in for a consultation, then please head over to our website today to get in touch! 

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