Top Five Jaw Tightening Treatments

Top Five Jaw Tightening Treatments

Many people feel that their jawline makes them look older than they actually are. Jowls start to occur when your skin becomes thinner and less elastic over time. However, some may have thicker skin, more fat or extra collagen that tends to work against the effects of sagging jowls. Some lucky people may never even develop a saggy jawline due to their specific genes, environmental factors or lifestyle. But for many, it can lead to insecurities and reduced confidence.

For those who are currently looking for a treatment to reverse the effects, we have broken down the five best treatments to lift and tighten the skin, and also explained in more detail the reasons behind the sagging.

How does it develop, and why?

According to scientific research, there are a number of factors that combine to cause sagging jowls. Firstly, the elastin and collagen in your skin are gradually lost over time. Both are proteins, but collagen makes up the connective tissue in your body while elastin allows your skin to return to normal shape after being stretched. As they deteriorate, so does the skin in your cheeks. Your mouth will lose its firmness, leading gravity to naturally cause the skin on your face to sag lower and lower.

Secondly, genetics also determines whether you develop these jowls or not. They also play a part in how noticeable they will become as time goes by. Sadly if any of your parents have jowls, then you are more likely to develop them. Those with thinner skin will also see the effects of this earlier on in life, meaning it can occur in your twenties or early thirties.

Thirdly and lastly, the environment has a say in this process, as does your lifestyle decisions. Certain facial expressions may stretch out your face and neck skin. Gaining weight will too, as the skin has to stretch in order to cover the increased body mass. Then when you lose the weight again, it will cause the skin to sag. Overexposure to UV sunlight or smoking nicotine will also damage the collagen while using computers or looking down at smartphones for long periods can make your skin lose elasticity.

So, what can you do to reduce these factors or repair your jowls after the fact?

The top five jaw tightening treatments.

There are a number of innovative procedures that you can opt for to improve the appearance of a sagging jawline and achieve volume as a result. These are our five most popular treatments:

Thread Lifts

Thread Lifts can instantly improve your sagging jowls and tighten your jawline. The Collagen Thread Lift, in particular, is a treatment that promotes the production of facial elasticity, giving you the results of lifted, plumper skin! Instead of using a scalpel to remove the excess skin, one of our highly skilled and experienced clinicians simply hooks the skin using special medical-grade surgical threads and essentially pulls the tissue up with them to great effect. They are a long-lasting and dramatic solution that we highly recommend!


A FORMA skin tightening facial treatment targets your fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and sun-damaged, uneven skin texture. It works by contracting the skin, resulting in neocollagenesis – stimulating new collagen production – which leads to the skin becoming much firmer and lifted. The procedure effectively imitates a mini facelift, giving you a more contoured appearance.

The results are often immediate depending on the severity of the problem areas. It is non-invasive, pain-free and suitable for all skin types.


The creators of Morpheus8, INMODE, state that it is a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD) that fractionally remodels and contours the face and body. It is used to mold the fat subdermally and morph your aging facial details into more youthful features. This includes your face, neck, and body which are lifted and tightened, making it a fantastic alternative to surgery.

This revolutionary skin tightening and micro-needling treatment is perfect for fast and effective skin tightening, and it works regardless of your skin colour.


SkinPen works by creating thousands of ultra precise, micro punctures in the skin’s dermis every second. This stimulates the skin’s natural healing ability, triggering new collagen production essential for the skin’s elasticity and youth. It is designed to prompt the production of natural collagen without causing scar tissue to form, resulting in more vibrant, clearer skin. It doesn’t hurt and there is no downtime.


Plasma Soft Surgery® achieves fantastic skin tightening effects by delivering multiple shots of plasma via a hand-held device, creating an arc to stimulate an instant tightening of the skin. These results are measured entirely on how much excess skin there is to correct. However, the skin will then appear less saggy, giving you a more youthful appearance as a result.

When it comes to jaw tightening procedures, we understand that it can be hard to decide which is the best option for you. This is why we would love to welcome you in for a consultation where we can look at your jawline and discuss the best treatment options with you. To organise a consultation, call 0151 203 1393 and one of our highly trained clinicians will be able to answer any queries or concerns you may have. You can also visit our website to find out more information on these industry-leading treatments.

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