Treatments for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Treatments For Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Collagen and elastin are both very important proteins of the skin that responsible for keeping our skin looking plump, supple and youthful; collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. Unfortunately, as we age, we do not produce the same amount- leading us to form wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. As this isn’t always the most appealing look, we are approached by many clients who want to turn back the time on their skin. 

With our treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, you can halt this ageing process in its steps and be reunited with smooth skin. Our skins ageing process is affected by a combination of things; when we laugh, squint and frown our facial muscles contract, and after years of this contracting, (as well as lifestyle and environmental factors) lines and wrinkles begin to form. 

With collagen-inducing treatments, we can tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. For more information on what treatments we can offer you here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, continue reading this blog post. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what happens to our skin as we age.

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

These wrinkles appear as parallel lines when the skin is stretched, and they can occur on the face and body. An example of Atrophobic Crinkling Rhytids would be lines either side of the mouth. They appear as a result of reduced production of collagen and elasticity which as previously mentioned, causes the skin to sag. The leading causes of the collagen process to slow down, in this case, is exposure to UV rays and free radicals from the sun.

Permanent Elastic Creases

These wrinkles present themselves on a person’s cheeks, upper lips and base of the neck. They are crease lines which become prominent as we age, and are a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors such as sun exposure.

Dynamic Expression Lines

These wrinkles form from where the skin naturally creases when we action our facial expressions. They develop typically in the forehead, the crow’s feet around the eyes and are only present when the muscles contract. However, with effective treatment, these wrinkles can be almost completely smoothed out and erased!

Gravitational Folds

As mentioned, when we age our production of elastin and collagen slows down, and gravity takes it’s a toll on the skin, causing it to wrinkle and sag. These wrinkles become more apparent with drooping skin, especially on a lean face with thinner skin. 

Relaxing Injections for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This treatment for fine lines and wrinkles is not permanent, and the results will naturally break down over time. Although, with multiple treatments going forward, the muscle can become ‘re-educated’ and it’ll be less likely that you’ll develop new wrinkles. Also, you can increase the period between appointments to gain lasting results the more you are treated. Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments, also known as Botox, are steadily becoming one of the most sought after for their anti-ageing results. This is mainly due to the fact that they bare very few risks, minimal downtown and give outstanding results.

This treatment is taking over the aesthetics industry in terms of anti-ageing treatments by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and forehead lines instantly. However, this treatment’s impressive benefits don’t stop there; Wrinkle Relaxation Treatments can also be used to help reduce painful migraines, some muscle disorders and treat Hyperhidrosis. 

Not only is this treatment suitable for all of these conditions, but it’s also a winner for its incredibly fast and visible results. Some clients start noticing improvements at as little as 3 to 10 days after their first treatment. But, the best results are usually seen around two weeks post-treatment; leaving you with tighter and smoother skin. 

We have also chosen a couple of other treatments for fine lines and wrinkles that we can provide you with here at our Liverpool clinic:

Skin Peels for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Skin peels work to resurface the skin by essentially breaking down the top layer. They are a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that take immediate effect after just one session. They work to encourage the renewal of skin cells and collagen as they remove dead skin cells; leaving skin feeling and looking smooth and bright.

Skin Pen for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The Skin Pen is a medical-grade specialised handheld device that works to puncture the skin’s dermis with very precise “micro” punctures. These punctures stimulate the natural healing process of the skin; promoting the production of new collagen. This highly effective treatment leaves skin looking plump, smooth and youthful, while still being non-surgical. 

Are you looking for treatments for fine lines and wrinkles in Liverpool? Check out our website today or contact us on 0151 203 1393 to learn more about our range of procedures that are designed to specifically target fine lines and wrinkles. Or book a consultation with us; here we will assess your skin to ensure that we are offering our most effective procedures that’ll work wonders on you.

With bespoke treatment plans and our team of fully qualified and experienced clinicians, we only deliver the best results to our clients.

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