Weight Loss Treatments: Do You Want To Drop a Dress Size?

Weight Loss Treatments: Do You Want To Drop A Dress Size?

Everybody and their grandmother have probably gained weight; whether that’s due to merely overeating or in more severe cases, from mental or physical health; 28.7% of adults in England are obese. A further 35.6% are overweight but not obese. No matter the reason, we are usually left with a body that we no longer feel comfortable in, and one that could be causing our mental and physical health even more damage. 

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we want to change this. For each client, we have one mission; to give them skin, a body or a face that makes them feel good. We are a team of highly experienced and knowledgable clinicians that have extensive medical and/or dermatology backgrounds, meaning you couldn’t be putting yourself in better hands. In terms of stubborn fat, we have a range of weight loss treatments for you to choose from.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you gain your weight-loss goals by undergoing one of our non-surgical treatments that offer minimal side effects and quick, painless recoveries.

Cavitation for Weight Loss

Cavitation is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment which eliminates fat cells with the use of ultrasound technology. If you’re on the lookout to reduce inches, this treatment is perfect for you. It’s carried out using a specialised Cavitation handheld device that applies ultrasound waves to the fatty tissue; as the fat cells cannot withstand this kind of pressure, they break down. Once they are fully broken down, they turn to liquid and the client will then pass them through their liver. 

This procedure is entirely safe; although the sound destroys the fatty tissues, the surrounding cells are left unharmed. A very effective, pain-free treatment if you are looking to see inches fall off of you visibly. It can be performed on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks and arms.

Radio Frequency for Weight Loss

Radio Frequency is currently the most reliable, popular and recommended for non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction. It works by delivering intense heat to the fatty tissues that go beyond the epidermis using a specialised handheld device; this boosts the production of collagen, the plumping ingredient in your tissue, and the circulation, releasing the fat.

If you’re in the midst of losing weight and still have some stubborn areas and excess skin that you want to remove then this is the ideal treatment for you. With firmer, slimmer and supple skin after just one treatment, you’ll be on the road to a body that you’ll love. Depending on the area you want to treat, we recommend a course of 6-8 treatments, however, so that we can achieve optimum results.

Body HIFU for Weight Loss

You may have heard of the successful HIFU Face and Neck treatments, well this is where the latest version of the procedure has evolved from. Body HIFU is a solution for your body as a whole, not just the face and neck. This innovative technology sculpts the body by using high-intensity ultrasound; the waves penetrate through the layers of the skin to target the unwanted fatty tissue using a specialised handheld device; non-invasively and completely safe. 

This treatment will leave you with the same great results as liposuction, but without the added recovery time and having to go under the knife. For a more in-depth look, this treatment delivers a 24 line matrix of focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm; the controlled temperature destroys the targeted area, as well as promotes collagen in that area, too. Therefore, leaving your arms, stomach or thighs with smooth, tighter skin after completion. 

Cryolipolysis for Weight Loss

Cryolipolysis, A.K.A. ‘Fat Freezing’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Fat cells are exposed to precise cooling temperatures which are below body temp; ‘freezing’ the fat cells at this temperature instantly kills them. Once they have died, the body naturally cleans them out it’s system for several weeks after the treatment is completed. 

This revolutionary procedure will give you the same effectivity as liposuction again, but without the added scarring and downtime. If you’re on the lookout for a treatment that provides you with visible results of tighter, slimmer and contoured skin that continues to improve over some time, this one’s for you.

PPC for Weight Loss 

This procedure is becoming more and more popular, with it only focusing on small areas of the body that need a little ‘touch-up’. Injection Lipolysis is pretty straightforward; you are injected with Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol using a very fine needle. What this solution does is weaken the membranes of your fat cells, leading to a release of natural enzymes. 

In other words, your fat will be dissolved, carried through your bloodstream to the liver where it will eventually be naturally discarded. This doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is a very effective solution to inch loss and one that exposes your skin the least. It is mostly carried out on the abdominal area of the body, but it can also define the look of your thighs, arms, hips and double chin. 

Are you looking for a weight loss treatment in Liverpool? All of our weight loss treatments, again, bare minimal side effects, no recovery downtime, but give results that you would only see from going under the knife. If you’re interested in obtaining one of these procedures, get in touch with us today on 0151 203 1393 or visit our website to book your consultation. Here we will examine your problem area so that our experts can choose the right treatment to meet your individual needs.

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