Why Morpheus 8 is the ultimate solution for stubborn cellulite!

Why Morpheus 8 Is The Ultimate Solution For Stubborn Cellulite!

Morpheus 8 is currently taking the Aesthetics industry by storm as an outstanding solution for facial and neck rejuvenation and tightening. However little coverage is dedicated to the fact that Morpheus 8 is also an industry-leading treatment for reducing stubborn cellulite. 

Cellulite is one of the most commonly cited concerns by men and women, however, cellulite reduction is a treatment most commonly undertaken by women. This is attributed to several key factors, ranging from hormonal changes that affect the storage of fat with our bodies, to the biological composition of the skin itself (Women tend to have thinner skin with more fat present below in comparison to the thicker skin layers of their male counterparts). 

Due to its innovation in the application of both Radio Frequency (RF) and mechanised microneedling, Morpheus 8 is considered one of the most effective treatments in the case of unwanted cellulite. By applying targeted energy to 3 varying depths of the skin, right down to the deeper dermal layers of the skin, the results can be impressive. The production of collagen is dramatically increased, reducing the appearance of lumpy skin and improving both skin tone and texture for the whole region rather than isolated areas. 

Results of the Morpheus 8 treatment are prominent after only a short time and will continue to improve for between 2-4 months post-treatment. Patients will most commonly require between 2-4 treatments on a monthly basis to achieve optimal results but this will of course be reviewed and discussed further at the consultation stage. 

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